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Spare Blade for Vogue Tomato Slicer PAS-DC715

Spare Blade for Vogue Tomato Slicer PAS-DC715


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Replacement blade for DC714

Don't let your salad prep suffer. This spare blade will ensure your Vogue tomato slicer continues to perform at its very best for even longer. It's quick and easy to replace, and far more cost-effective than buying a new slicer. The ultra-sharp stainless steel blade effortlessly cuts 6.4mm slices with precision, dramatically reducing your preparation times and guaranteeing immaculate plate presentations. Designed to fit tomato slicer DC714.

Product features

  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Weight 100g
  • A quick, easy and cost-effective way to replace blunt blades
  • Keeps your slicer performing at its best for longer
  • Cuts 6.4mm slices effortlessly and accurately
  • Fits Vogue tomato slicer DC714
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