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Samsung DOOR-C -,PP DE64-40298A PAS-DE64-40298A

Samsung DOOR-C -,PP DE64-40298A PAS-DE64-40298A


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Fits Samsung CM1019 CM1029 CM1319 CM1329 CM1519 CM1529 CM1619 CM1629 CM1819 CM1829 CM1919 CM1929

Samsung DOOR-C;-,PP for CD048 CF798 CF799 C525 C524 DN586 DN587 C526 C527 C528 C529

Product features

  • Fits Samsung CM1019/XEU CM1019A/XEU CM1029A/XEU CM1319/XEU CM1319A/XEU CM1329/XEU CM1329A/XEU CM1519-1/XEU CM1519A-1/XEU CM1529-1/XEU CM1529A-1/XEU CM1619/XEU CM1619A/XEU CM1629/XEU CM1629A/XEU CM1819/XEU CM1829/XEU CM1919/XEU CM1919A/XEU CM1929/XEU CM1929A/XEU
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