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Polar Key PAS-AL055

Polar Key PAS-AL055


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Fits CB921-A, CD080-A, CD081-A, CD082-A, CD083-A, CD084-A, CD085-A, CD086-A, CD087-A, CD088-A, CD610-A, CD611-A, CD612-A, CD613-A, CD614-A, CD615-A, CD984-A, DM075-A, DM076-A, FB046-A, FB047-A, FB048-A, FB049-A, GH506-A, GH507-A, GJ447-A, GJ449-A, GL180-A, GL181-A, GL185-A, U632-A, U633-A, U634-A and U635-A

Replacement Key for CB921 CD080 CD081 CD082 CD083 CD084 CD085 CD086 CD087 CD088 CD610 CD611 CD612 CD613 CD614 CD615 CD984 DM075 DM076 FB046 FB047 FB048 FB049 GH506 GH507 GJ447 GJ449 GL180 GL181 GL185 U632 U633 U634 U635

Product features

  • Dimensions 20(H) x 55(W) x 25(D)mm
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Weight 20g
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