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Furnlink Werzalit Square Duratop 700mm - Marble PAS-DU125

Furnlink Werzalit Square Duratop 700mm - Marble PAS-DU125


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Werzalit | Wood Soaked in Resin and Wrapped in Décor Laminate | Marble

Create an attractive dining area for customers with this marble Furnlink Werzalit Duratop square 700mm diameter tabletop. Made of wood, glue and paper, this moulding and lamination of hot pressing provides an immensely durable tabletop that is unmatched to date. It's highly weather resistant reducing the risk of mould, rust or breakages when used in outdoor or indoor areas.

Using the renown resign moulding process the moulded tabletop is jointless with a high impact, making it resistant to heat and burns form cigarettes or hot plates. The surface can be kept hygienically clean at all times, with a simple wipe and disinfectant spray.

Product features

  • Dimensions 700(W) x 700(D) mm
  • Weight 8.4kg
  • Hot pressing and 25mm edge profile and thickness provides high durability
  • Additional Delivery Fees May Apply
  • Moulded and jointless creates a high impact that is resistant to heat and burns from cigarettes or hot plates
  • Highly weather resistant making it suitable for indoor & outdoor commercial use
  • Air moulding technology prevents moulding, rusting, or general decaying for longer
  • Simple wipeable surface makes it easy to clean
  • Made in France
  • Available Sizes (mm): 600 Round, 700 Round, 800 Round, 600x600 Square, 700x700 Square, 800x800 Square, 1200x800 Rectangle
  • Stocked in 8 finishes (as shown): Black, White, Arizona, Boston, Marble, Rustic Kansas, Stratos & Wenge
  • 5 year structural warranty
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