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Cambro Camshelving Basics Plus Add on Vented Shelf Kit 540x1070mm PAS-FT276

Cambro Camshelving Basics Plus Add on Vented Shelf Kit 540x1070mm PAS-FT276


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540 x 1070mm | Vented Shelf Plates and 2 Traverse Beams

Need shelves are highly durable while being removable for easy cleaning? Then the Cambro Camshelving basics plus vented shelf kit will be the product for you. This basics plus series shelf kit is made from composite plastic making it incredibly versatile for storage and hygiene. Designed with shelf plates that lift away individually you don't have to worry about disassembling any other portion of the Camshelving unit, giving you a quick removal.

Easily add a shelf to increase horizontal storage space on an existing shelving unit or swap shelves between vented and solid as needed. This Cambro shelving kit gives you plenty of options of how to style dependant on what you're storing. The 540x1070mm size gives plenty of storage for keeping large quantities of ingredients in one area.

These vented shelf plates have molded-in antimicrobial Camguard, inhibiting the growth of mold, fungus or bacteria, allowing them to be safely run through commercial dishwashers for an easy clean. Vented shelves provide optimal airflow around perishables, reducing waste of food when storing. It withstands temperatures form --38˚C to 88˚C giving you the benefit of storing them in hot kitchens or coolers and freezers. Enjoy the economical Camshelving solution for food service operators and save with years of reliable service.

Product features

  • Ideal for coolers or freezers
  • Lifetime guarantee against corrosion and rust
  • Shelf weight capacity: 190kg
  • Add additional shelf tier to an existing shelving unit
  • Combine with post kits to create custom shelving units
  • Snap apart traverse dovetails included for quick and easy installation of traverses onto posts
  • Easily lift single shelf plates off traverses for cleaning or converting to solid shelves
  • Shelf plates easily wipe clean or fit through a commercial dishwasher
  • Withstands -38°C to 88°C
  • The Cambro StoreSafe mark identifies storage and transport products that support safe food handling
  • Antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria
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