Vogue Tsuki Series 7 Santoku Knife 180mm CF844

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7″ Blade

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Looking for a classic Santoku knife that has a high cutting performance? Then the Tsuki Series 7 Santoku knife 18cm will be the knife for you. Thanks to the stainless steel construction the knife has a high durability helping it to have long-lasting properties.

Also, the Damascus steel sheathing reduces the adhesion between the blade and the food being chopped helping to produce a smoother cut.

Boasting the blade clad, this knife has a high perforated cutting edge giving this knife an attractive finish, so your chefs can have stylish knives while producing a high standard of presentation.

And the interior steel has been hardened up to 60° Rockwell rating, providing a great cutting performance for longer periods of service.

Featuring the micarta resin handle makes an attractive style and comfortable on the wrist – helping chefs prep food quickly and efficiently. While the black colourway further adds to the stylish and sophisticated look, making it fit into any kitchen environment.

And the knife has two layers of steel cover making this knife corrosion resistant so your chefs can constantly highly cut acidity foods without the knife showing signs of corrosion.

Product features

  • Dimensions 306(L)mm
  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Rockwell hardness rating 60°
  • Weight 210g
  • Remarkably sharp knife, featuring many layers of stainless steel
  • Blade clad in Damascus steel for a longer lasting cutting edge and a more attractive finish
  • Damascus steel also reduces adhesion between the blade and the food being chopped
  • Interior steel of the blade hardened up to 60° Rockwell rating
  • Attractive and comfortable Micarta handle
  • Handwashing recommended
  • Age restricted – you must be 16+ to buy this product in NSW and South Australia, 18+ in all other areas

Important product notes:

  • Must be 18 or older

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