Vogue Square Non Stick Ribbed Skillet Pan 240mm (From) DL942

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Size: 41(H) x 240(W) x 240(D)mm

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Looking for a skillet pan that can help you to produce mouth-watering steaks with ease? Then the Vogue square non-stick Teflon ribbed skillet pan will be perfect for you. Thanks to the aluminium construction the pan is highly durable allowing it to withstand the daily rigours of the kitchen.

Also, the Teflon platinum plus coating of this non-stick pan allows ingredients to be easily moved from the pan to the plate without ruining the presentation of the food.

This skillet pan is easy to clean, thereby saving time and money by reducing the cleaning time and ensuring the pan has superior longevity.

And the ribbed design elevates the food so the fat and oil can be removed while also making grill marks – helping your chefs to cook healthier meals without losing the taste.

Featuring the pouring spout ensures an easy way to remove the oil and grease from the pan, reducing the risk of build-up in the corners of the pan and producing a quick and easy empty.

Designed with a strong handle, this pan helps chefs move the pan from hob to plate allowing heavy ingredients to be placed on without breaking or bending the pan.

Product features

  • Capacity 900ml
  • Dimensions 41(H) x 240(W) x 240(D)mm
  • Material Aluminium
  • Weight 1.07kg
  • Perfect for frying all types of foods
  • Teflon Platinum Plus coating
  • Not dishwasher safe

Additional information

Weight 1.118 kg
Dimensions 11.4 × 50 × 25.4 cm

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