Olympia Liquid Chafing Fuel 4 Hour (Pack of 12 from) CB734

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12x 4 Hour Tins

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Looking for a chafing fuel that lasts longer than the standard two hours? Then the Olympia liquid chafing fuel with wick will be the product for you. Thanks to the innovative design this chafing fuel has obvious and clearly-stated information so that anyone who uses the product is fully aware of the precautions, allowing for the correct safety hazards to be present.

Made with non-hazardous fuel means that you can use the product without the worry of it becoming a hazard in the workplace, so you don’t have to worry about putting staff at risk.

Also there’s an internal reservoir which helps to prevent spillages if knocked over allowing it to not be restricted by storage or transport.

Featuring the relightable wick allows for 100% fuel use, this also means the fuel is non-flammable without the wick making it perfect for health and safety in commercial businesses.

And the cool-to-touch feature means that staff can move the product without burning their hands reducing any potential injuries.

Boasting the non-combustible advantage means it has no flash point reducing the risk of fires in the workplace.

And there is a visible flame with the wick helping to avoid any accidental injuries further adding to user safety.

Also the non-drip ability means the item can be moved around without spillages or dripping, keeping the workplace safe while using the important product.

And the 4-hour wick allows for double the amount of fuelling compared to standard chafing fuels, so your staff don’t have to change the chafing fuel in shorter periods.

Product features

  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Weight 210g
  • Relightable wick for 100% fuel use
  • Easy to open and reseal
  • Does not evaporate if left open
  • Non-spill and non-drip
  • Cool touch container even when alight
  • Approved as a non-hazardous food heating fuel and is therefore not restricted by storage or transport restrictions

Important product notes:

  • Must be 18 or older

Additional information

Weight 2.524 kg
Dimensions 5.8 × 33.5 × 25.9 cm

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