Olympia Athena Wide Rimmed Plates 203mm (Pack of 12) CC207

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Looking for wide rimmed plates that are reliable for busy catering environments? Then the Athena hotelware wide rimmed plates will be perfect for you. Thanks to the super vitrified material the plates are resistant to scratches, chips and staining helping them to last longer in the busy hospitality environment.

Made with porcelain, the plates are non-porous making them incredibly durable and practical as they are able to distribute heat evenly.

And the rolled edge means they can withstand knocks and blows without chipping, thereby saving you money on replacements and keeping your service looking professional.

Boasting the oven and microwave safe properties means these cups will not crack or leak chemicals over the palte during high temperatue exposure allowing it to withstand hot food without it breaking or damaging.

And the heat retention benefit provides excellent heat insulation to keep drinks hot for longer periods so customers can enjoy their drinks without the risk of it going cold too quickly.

Also the wide rim stops food and sauces from sliding off the plate helping to preserve food presentation.

Featuring the white colourway provides a neutral canvas that ensure your dishes stand out, so your chefs presentation can remain at its highest quality.

And the stackable option means they can remain within reach for the chef without taking up too much essential preparation room, thereby saving space too.

Including an edge chip warranty means the cups have a warranty offered on a lifetime bases this means products covered under this warranty will be replaced free of charge.

Product features

  • Dimensions 25(H) x 202(Ø)mm
  • Material Porcelain
  • Weight 5.39kg
  • Super-vitrified porcelain construction offers great strength and durability
  • Shape: Round
  • Oven, Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Super vitrified durable glaze
  • Chip-resistant Rolled edges
  • Edge Chip Warranty protected
  • Wide rim also stops food and sauces from sliding off the plate
  • White colourway provides a neutral canvas that ensures your dishes stand out
  • Can be safely stacked for space-saving storage
  • Edge Chip Warranty protected

Additional information

Weight 5.864 kg
Dimensions 21.9 × 21.8 × 16.5 cm

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